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It’s definitely not the only geological wonder, but St. Mary’s Island is one of the rarest natural formations of columnar basaltic rocks lined up in the world. It is an important site for Geo Tourism since it was recognized by the Geological Survey of India.

St. Mary’s Island is situated off the coast of Malpe Beach in the town of Udupi, Karnataka, India. It’s a boat ride away, mostly Rs. 200 to visit and come back, with public boats halting there for one hour. Few places where you can find columnar basaltic rocks in India are in Kawadia Pahad, near Bagli in Madhya Pradesh and Gilbert Hill in Andheri, Mumbai (The Devil’s Tower of India). Others include formations in parts of the USA, the Giants Causeway in Ireland (BEAUTY) and on MARS! Yes you heard that right! Here’s a whole list of places.

St. Mary’s columnar basaltic rock formations

St. Mary’s Islands was technically the first piece of land Vasco De Gama discovered by the Indian coast before he traveled further on to Calicut / Kozhikode / Goa (still confused about this haha) from there. The island was named so because as soon as he landed here, he fixed a cross on the island and named one of three tiny islands joined to each other ‘O Padrão de Santa Maria’ as a dedication to Mother Mary before proceeding.

Roughly 88 million years ago, the island of Madagascar was attached to the Indian landmass. Slowly as Gondwanaland started drifting, the island of Madagascar drifted further towards the continent of Africa off whose coast it can be found today. Here’s a little diagram to explain the drift in simple terms.

The same columnar basaltic rocks can be found at Madagascar. It appears the formations were close to the Deccan Traps, one of the hugest volcanoes on the planet that spread across parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. This huge volcano that lasted ages could be seen as the reason for the columnar formations, but of course we should factor the conditions. Here’s another little diagram that explains exactly how these columns form.

Schematic diagram courtesy
Hexagons of Planet Earth

We find a LOT of hexagons in nature, and we’re constantly baffled by why geometry is seen so flawlessly in nature in general. Whether it’s drying mud puddles/patches of land, bee hives, snow crystals and what not. Hexagons are special, and there’s something that triggers their shape.

Simply explained, some say we owe the hexagon shape to something simple. I have a feeling it has to do with something completely different, but we’ll come to that later. The scientists and ambitious theorists of the internet have borne some excellent answers for this.

As for bees and the construction of bee hives, Daniel He said ‘Hexagons are the shape closest to a perfect circle that can be placed in a series next to each other without leaving spaces,’ meaning in the minimum usage of material, you can save space and also find a fantastic way to utilize lesser resources. At least that’s what bees think. The hexagons in honeycombs are quite multi-purpose for bees, whether it’s storing nectar or the interior parts being used to produce beebies (bee babies). That is the one feature of hexagons that makes it stand out.

If we speak of allotropes (different physical forms in which the same element can exist) of carbon, we can find a similar situation here too. Check the hexagonal formations seen in diamond, fullerene (C 60) and graphite below.

Obviously some could say this is the reason for why hexagons exist, because it’s in the very root of their compositional structure. But please, take a pause to look outside the planet.

Outside the world we know — Saturn and Mars

We see columnar basalt rock formations on Mars, yes. But what about the huge hexagon on the North Pole of Saturn? Amidst the chaos we see taken by Cassini earlier this year, the cyclonic north pole of Saturn is not something we can explain because we do not know the composition in that area. Question remains, HOW? WHY HEXAGONS?

Let’s talk about one of the brightest minds in recent times, the extraordinary Nikola Tesla. He once said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

If you’ve heard of cymatics, you know where I’m taking this. VIBRATION, SOUND and FREQUENCY keep this universe together, and we know this already. You can refer to how I once as a kid theorized the universe is based on sound / the OM, giving birth to different manifestations of shape and form HERE.

Hexagon at the North Pole of Saturn
What frequency tends to show a hexagonal shape in sacred geometry / cymatics?
The answer is 528 Hz.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is just the right person to speak about this. He’s the world’s most celebrated pharmaceutical industry whistleblower, YouTube’s most popular, prolific, controversial doctor; a leading humanitarian, political activist, Harvard-trained media expert; and documentary filmmaker and author of 17 books, and so much more.

Dr. Horowitz’s greatest life-time achievement he says is his discovery of the “Perfect Circle of Sound”. He has also authored ‘The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE’.
Dr. Horowitz massively evidences his theory that the 528Hz frequency of sound must be considered the “clear channel broadcast of pure LOVE.”

Horowitz says, “528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the ‘musical mathematical matrix of creation.’ More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything.”

Believe it or not, 528 Hz is said to be nearly the precise center of the entire electromagnetic colour spectrum. In the center of a rainbow is the colour green, and he also further explains how you find so much green on earth over most other things. He’s explained this fantastically in a beautiful video I suggest you take time out to watch.

According to Stuart Mitchell’s theory (visit site) which I agree to too, is the fact that frequency has a very deep underlying role in why shape even comes to form, same as Leonard, forget shape, even colour!!

As Leonard said, everything is connected to frequency, even the birds, the hills are absolutely alive singing to the sound of music, the music being the vibration of the earth, and that of the universe.

Don’t be surprised if you see beautiful shapes taking form in the most perfect geometrical pattern. Only goes to say how synchronized matter, frequency and vibration are. There’s really some magic music can do. :)

I will write more about something interesting, soon. Next time!




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