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Hanging Pillar

Lepakshi is a village in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located 15 km (9.3 miles) east of Hindupur and approximately 120 km (75 mi) north of Bangalore. Lepakshi is culturally and archaeologically significant as it is the location of shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra which were built during the Vijayanagara Kings’ period (1336–1646). The temples are the location of mural paintings of the Vijayanagara kings and Kannada inscriptions. Near the temple complex is a large granite Nandi bull. On a hillock known as Kurma Saila, “tortoise shaped hill”, are other temples to Papanatheswara, Raghunatha, Srirama, and Durga.
Things That are Legend Here :-
The Lepakshi Nandi

The Shiva’s bull Nandi is a granite monolithic sculpture on the main road of Lepakshi approximately 200 m from the temple. It is 4.5m high and 8.23m long making one of the largest nandi in India. The sculpture has been positioned so that it faces the Shivalinga which is shielded by a large serpent inside the temple. The nandi wears a gantala mala, a bell chain, earrings and other jewellery. Legend has it that the Naga of the Nagalinga was carved out of a single stone by sculptors while they waited for their mothers to prepare lunch. The Nagalinga is approximately 12 feet in height.
The Legend Hanging Pillar

Lepakshi in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh is a paragon of excellent art and architecture. Once the quintessence of the ostentatious opulence of the empire of Vijayanagara, Lepakshi is an epitome of magnificence and brilliance. The shrines and temples in the village celebrating the might of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra, are an exhibition of timeless art, with illustrious frescoes and murals. Although the village was founded as late as 1538 AD by Maharaja Aliya Rama Raya of the Vijayanagara Empire, it has an interesting association with the Ramayana, and legend says was blessed by the presence of Lord Rama himself. The lore goes that when Lord Rama, met the dying bird Jatayu here, he helped him attain Moksha by saying the words “Le Pakshi”, which in Telugu means “rise bird”. Hence, the village got its name Lepakshi. The Lepakshi temple in Anantpura stands on around 70 strong pillars that have supported its weight for centuries. However there is one particular pillar here, called the Hanging Pillar, which does not touch the ground, but hovers a few inches above it. A thin piece of paper or a stick can even be passed from under the pillar to prove that it’s actually not touching the ground.

Eye Witnessed Proof
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