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The latest work by EMINEM is “The Way I Am” a book based on his LIFE…

The man of the hour, he looks like he’s a teenager in the face. He hasn’t aged a bit & the time off seems to have been good to him. You know he’s been voted the “Best M.C” for 2008 by Vibe magazine.

NORT sneaker shop opened up there retail space for the event & housed some great faces that came out to support EMINEM.

Jessica Rosenblum
This lady only works with the BEST!!!
That’s why I worked for her when I was learning the entertainment business & she continues to show LOVE. How many people can make that statement after working with someone & than moving on to another company? She’s done the impossible for her clients and made it a reality on many levels.

Michael K. Williams
The star of the WIRE, Lackwana Blues & on the big screen in “The Miracle At St. Ann”.

Luis Guzman
He is a native new yorker from L.E.S & he makes people want to continue rooting for him. He did his thing Carlitos Way one of my top movies.

Dennis White
Lookout for the new BIG inspired movie “NOTORIOUS” Dennis will be playing the part of D-Rock the man behind the Junior Mafia crew.

Datwon Thomas
Datwon Thomas, Editorial Director of KING, is the new Editor-in-chief of XXL, he wears his many hats well…
The magazines have been stepping up every issue with something fresh & new.

Danyel Smith
The Vibe Editor is beautiful & intelligent with a real passion for her work. Vibe has named eminem the Best Rapper of the Year & she came to show support for the artist that she believes in.

LL Cool J

Sha Money XL
The man behind the boards, he has created some of your favorite music with some of your favorite artist. Going all over the world working with the BEST is what he does, want to know more… GET FAMILIAR!

The Haitian Barry White / Barry Gordy of making money!!!
This dude is branding genius & will continue to formulate & execute ingenous packages to express his creative side & making $ at the same time…

Marc Labelle, VP of A&R and Marketing Director at Shady Records & Sacha Jenkins the author of The Way I Am.

Kid Kudi

If you don’t know GET FAMILIAR!!!

DJ Lord Sear & Alvon Miller
The epitome of elite dj’s that deserve more credit in the industry, check him out on Shade 45 The Drunken Mix show it’s CRAZY. Alvon Miller is a exec at Shady Records & owns Burn It Down Music. Alvon handles the day to day interest of the artist & from beginning to end.

The Way I Am…

You know you started watching 8 MILE again for a fix of EMINEM that’s been missing in your life.


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